Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Devonport

We offer premium double glazed windows and double glazed doors to customers in Devonport. If you’re after quality assurance, customisable products and personalised service, look no further than Elite Double Glazing for all your double glazing needs in the Devonport area.  

We are an independently owned Tasmanian business, specialising in the manufacture and installation of double glazed uPVC doors and windows for homes, renovations and commercial projects in Devonport and throughout Tasmania.

Tasmanian-made to Ensure Premium Quality and Local Service

Our double glazed windows and doors are manufactured in our Cambridge factory, just outside of Hobart. This ensures that they stand up to Tasmania’s climate including high UV levels, salty air and high winds. It also means that our Devonport customers can benefit from local, personalised service and the quality assurance that comes with buying our Tasmanian-made products. When you order double glazed doors and windows for your home or business, there is no middle-man, no waiting times for freight, and our team will be sure to meet your measurements and budgetary needs.

We are also Tasmania’s only authorised manufacturer of Deceuninck windows and doors, which have been proven to perform to worldwide standards for strength, durability, heat, stability and colour retention for more than 40 years.

Why Choose Double Glazing for your Windows and Doors?


We are the states only authorised manufacture of Deceuninck windows and doors - a world leader in uPVC. The Zendow frame profile is manufactured by Deceuninck in Europe, not China, and has been designed to provide you with the highest level of security and comfort. Deceuninck's products have proven to perform to world wide standards for strength, durability, heat stability and colour retention for more than 40 years.


All our double glazed windows and doors are made in our Cambridge factory near Hobart to your specific measurements and budget. Our products are fitted with state of the art double glazed units and are ideally suited to the Tasmania's climate with their excellent resistance to high UV levels, salty air, high winds and are rated to a bush fire attack (BAL) of 40. These factors alongside our wide range of colours means we are able to supply arguably the most secure, thermally efficient and attractive windows on the market.


We pride ourselves on supplying high quality double glazed doors and windows to Tasmanian home owners and business owners. Our products can be manufactured to suit your requirements and our friendly staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns.


Elite Double Glazing manufactures your order in our own factory. Unlike ordering windows from a local on-seller through a mainland or China based manufacturer, when you deal with us there is no middle man. Elite Double Glazing can offer excellent quality control, we have the ability to expedite orders and servicing requirement and there are no waiting times for freight. We manufacture windows using the most advanced profile that is currently being supplied globally.

Double glazed windows and doors can help insulate against those chilly Devonport winter mornings, saving you money on heating and cooling in the long run. As well as energy efficiency, our double glazing products offer a number of other benefits. Double glazing reduces noise, and our products utilise high tech locking systems to ensure security. Our windows are also fully recyclable, will outlast timber or aluminium alternatives, and are low maintenance and easy to clean. Our products are available in a wide range of colours and configurations to suit our Devonport customers’ needs. For more information about our double glazed windows and doors, or to get a quote, get in touch today.




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